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Westworld: ACT 1 - Mansion

The overall premise of this location is you are the host, Kate, who is locked in a mansion with a Serial Killer, Hank that keeps killing you over and over again.   I had some fun with a few of the shots and added the Serial Killer creeping in a few of them.   My responsibilities included modeling, texturing, UVs, LODS, set dressing, world-building, optimization/performance, and managing two other artists.  I had the pleasure of working with a small team on this environment.

Since I was in charge of Set Dressing the Environment, I worked closely with the Level Designer on figuring out the layout of the Mansion and the rooms, you, as the player, would traverse through.  Because this project initially started with only two Environment Artists and a Lighting Artist; I modeled the majority of the props in the environment as well as a few architectural pieces.  Where the other Environment Artist, only did Architecture.  Later on, two other artists joined us to help with prop making.  I was put in charge of them both and was responsible for coming up with and delegating tasks to them, plus helping them when needed. 


As a fun little interactable, I made the Grand Piano completely playable. I modeled, textured, and rigged the entire piano as well as went and recorded all 88 keys from an actual grand piano so it would sound like a true grand Piano.  I also had recorded different sound lengths on the keys and the use of the petals with the keys, but sadly we didn't have enough time to get those parts in.  I worked with a sound engineer to get all my recordings in and sounding great, as well as another engineer, to make sure the interaction of playing worked properly in VR. 

Grand Foyer

Drawing Room/Library

Music Room

Other Rooms



For these tablecloths, I needed to make a lace set to go on 4 of the different tables.  The main dining room table, the small dining room table in the Library, and one each for two different side tables.  I created a lace pattern in Illustrator and then created a different pattern orientation to go with the different tables.   I made the tablecloths using nCloth in Maya to simulate the tablecloths.