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For the overall project, my responsibilities included modeling, UVs, LODS, set dressing, world-building, and optimization/performance.  The materials were set up to use Vertex Colors to color the environment, rather than individual textures.  Four artists contributed to these environments, who were a pleasure to work with.  We had to focus on making the environments interesting to race on both forward and backwards.  Only the Space Maps, players could not race both ways on.   Thus we used lighting and colors to really make the maps feel different even though they were the same environments just reversed. 

For one of the main Ice Maps, I was given full set-dressing power; with creative giving some guidelines on what they wanted the map to be. 

I worked in tandem with one of the designers, Isaiah, to create 9 different challenge maps.  I was told to create very abstract background environments to surround the players as they completed these challenge maps.  I was in charge of the color palettes and how the abstract environments got to look; with the restrictions being, make them simple and not too distracting.  I did all the modeling, UVing, set dressing, skybox painting, and optimization/performance.  Also got to create, a Parkour Lobby map.

We worked with AMD to create two race maps with a lobby for people who bought a specific AMD graphics card.  The creative direction given was to make the maps give the feel of simple challenge skiing slopes within the Sprint Vector Universe.  Rodrigo, another environment artist, and I worked in tandem with the designer, Andrew, set-dressing these maps and making sure they were optimized/performant.   We used all preexisting assets we made from the main Ice Race maps.